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The FBI Really Loved James Comey, According to an Internal Survey — TIME

I strongly suspect Comey will be back, but not in this circus of a WH Administration.

(WASHINGTON) — Despite White House claims to the contrary, fired FBI Director James Comey was highly respected and trusted within the bureau during his nearly four-year tenure, according to internal survey results released Wednesday. The data detailing bureau attitudes about its leader contradict White House assertions that Comey, fired by President Donald Trump in May,…

via The FBI Really Loved James Comey, According to an Internal Survey — TIME

The beginnings of a complex, necessary process that could destroy the top WH Admin as it now operates.

Any damaging evidence may tip the scales.

U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller is bearing down on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as he directs a wide-ranging probe into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election. Mueller’s team of investigators has sent subpoenas in recent weeks from a Washington grand jury to global banks for account information and records of transactions involving…

via Robert Mueller Subpoenas Paul Manafort’s Bank Records in Russia Investigation — TIME

A highly sobering article. A must read for the average American interested in how US democracy needs to sober up to the WH chaos.

Jdarsie11/Michael VadonI’ve been here at Thought Catalog for just about two years now, and am asked questions all the time from other writers. Most of them are rooted in looking for some sort of advice, career-wise or other, sometimes just inquiring in general about my life, other times it’s something completely random or almost a…

via Donald Trump, Scaramucci, And The Poison In Believing Accountability Is Optional — Thought Catalog

‘We’ve Always Been Here.’ Transgender Veterans Blindsided by President Trump’s Ban — TIME Can he do this legally? Does he have the support of senior military staff?

When President Donald Trump sent a series of tweets Wednesday morning announcing that transgender people would no longer be able to serve openly in the military, waves of shock and sadness struck the transgender community. Some of those who reacted most intensely were transgender veterans, many of whom had to hide their gender identity while…

via ‘We’ve Always Been Here.’ Transgender Veterans Blindsided by President Trump’s Ban — TIME

Trump’s prejudices rise once again. 

There is NO social science evidence trans-gendered persons cannot serve any better than mainstream soldiers.  Another nail in Trump’s political coffin. 

Will all the King’s horses and all the King’s men (and Family Compact) be able to put Trumpty-Dumpty together again?

(WASHINGTON) — Congressional investigators probing Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election will have their first opportunity this week to hear from someone in President Donald Trump’s innermost circle: son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner, who is a senior adviser to the president and is married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will talk to staff on the Senate Intelligence…

via Jared Kushner Heads to Congress in Russia Probe — TIME

Again, time will tell. Just one false move, and “You’re fired!”

In President Donald Trump’s operations, experience often takes a back seat to familiarity, trust, and a keen eye for what pleases the boss. So it made sense that Anthony Scaramucci was brimming with confidence when he took to the White House podium Friday, just hours after being named Trump’s new communications director. Scaramucci, a smooth-talking…

via Why Trump’s New Hire Marks a Turning Point for the White House — TIME

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